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Lots of secrets here than meet the eyes!

McAkins Online


Microsoft started its ads carpet-bombing yesterday by releasing a slew of covert graffiti Ads for its Surface devices. One of the Ads is shown above (borrowed from The Verge), and immediately I saw it a few things jumps to mind, and I have searched the Net and discovered almost everybody missed the subtle messages hidden in this picture above.

First let me start on the background. Why did Microsoft choose an old and dilapidated building to paint this Graffiti, they could have chosen a bridge or a nicer background, right? The house is standing next to a White-washed building. All this denotes the Old Windows Infrastructure, old and beaten of course. This Old building is Surfacing something new (pun intended). The white-washed building is the walled garden called Apple platform competing with this old platform.

Now, see those four lamps above the Graffiti? Five of them are burning (One is…

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I just scored 298 points …

I just scored 298 points in Fruit Ninja’s Arcade Mode, with help from 2 Score x2 Bananas!

Fruit Ninja

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Pretty good app!

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Rollercoaster Week

Can’t say this week is good or bad. It started quite promisingly, but then all the shit happened. It’s kinda funny. Are u really still a student anymore, when your friends not only graduating but also getting married! lol They’re all moving on right now. What would u end up? In the army, overseas? Frankly, u don’t even know yourself! The future is all blurry now. Last month was the worst. You got sick, spent a good full week in hospital. But what hurt u the most was what’d happened before that? When she finally told u to leave her alone, your heart shattered. She’s no longer your friend, and not just on Facebook or whatever, but for real. When u decided to tell her what u felt, u know it will be never be the same again, but nobody could’ve expected what’s gone down? The funny part is u actually didn’t even have enough time to feel the pain when illness struck so suddenly. But now, when u have all the time in the world, u look back and it hurts. It hurts like hell. Maybe it’s time to really move on. Leave all this behind. The question is where would it lead u to?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Games for Windows. All screwed up!

This is all about having a LIVE acc!
What really pissed me up is Dawn of War II!
You want to play this game? You better have a STEAM acc and LIVE acc!
Then you must install STEAM and Games for Windows – LIVE, and activate to both of them!
Ironically, all so-called Games for Windows like F.E.A.R. 2, Empire Total War, Dawn of War II must be installed and activated through STEAM!
M$’s going to purchase VALVE, STEAM’s creator?
Imagine what’d happen? You’d activate CS, Half-life and many more through both STEAM and Games for Windows – LIVE!
Maybe 1 exception to CS 1.6 cuz it’s too old. Even VALVE doesn’t care about it anymore!
But how about Half-Life 3 (maybe), CS: Source, L4D, Team Fortress, even Portal, all rocking, major multiplayer games?!
We’ll definitely need a new, proper cracker rather than RELOADED, Vitality, even the immortal Razor1911! Cười to
Games for Windows homepage
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