Rollercoaster Week

Can’t say this week is good or bad. It started quite promisingly, but then all the shit happened. It’s kinda funny. Are u really still a student anymore, when your friends not only graduating but also getting married! lol They’re all moving on right now. What would u end up? In the army, overseas? Frankly, u don’t even know yourself! The future is all blurry now. Last month was the worst. You got sick, spent a good full week in hospital. But what hurt u the most was what’d happened before that? When she finally told u to leave her alone, your heart shattered. She’s no longer your friend, and not just on Facebook or whatever, but for real. When u decided to tell her what u felt, u know it will be never be the same again, but nobody could’ve expected what’s gone down? The funny part is u actually didn’t even have enough time to feel the pain when illness struck so suddenly. But now, when u have all the time in the world, u look back and it hurts. It hurts like hell. Maybe it’s time to really move on. Leave all this behind. The question is where would it lead u to?

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